Pinghe Elementary School 介紹平和國小

Welcome to Pinghe Elementary School. We're a special school located near the Changhua train station. At Pinghe, we teach five important things. First, we focus on technology to prepare our students for a world with lots of technology. Second, we love reading. Reading helps our students learn and think better. Third, we emphasize art; music and dance help our students be creative and enjoy beauty. Fourth, we teach internationalism; we want our students to understand people from all over the world. Finally, we teach about nature in our town; we want our students to care for the environment and be good citizens. We also have fun clubs like sports, music, computers, and games. These clubs let students do what they love and learn in fun ways. Come check out our website to learn more about Pinghe Elementary School and how we help students become smart, kind, and ready for the future. We can't wait to show you why our school is a great place to learn and grow.

Vocabulary: located 位於.../ train station 火車站/ technology 科技/ emphasize 強調/ art 藝術/ creative 有創意的/ beauty 美感/ internationalism 國際化/ nature 大自然/ environment 環境/ citizen 公民/ website 網站/