Welcome to Pinghe Elementary School

A Beacon of Innovative Learning: Situated next to the railway in vibrant Changhua City, where mountain and coastal lines meet, Pinghe Elementary School stands out as a center of sustainable and forward-thinking education. Our 'TRAIN Five Excellences Academy' enriches the educational journey of over 1,000 students, preparing them to connect with the global community.

Our Core Excellences:

Diverse Club Activities for Holistic Growth: Pinghe Elementary School takes pride in its wide array of club activities. Sports enthusiasts can join teams like hockey, table tennis, and athletics, while artistic talents flourish in our choir, recorder ensemble, and rhythm band. For those inclined towards technology and strategy, our IT and intellectual board games clubs offer stimulating experiences. These clubs not only encourage students to develop their unique skills and interests but also align with our educational ethos of comprehensive, inquiry-based learning.

Discover the Pinghe Experience: We invite you to explore our website to learn more about how Pinghe Elementary School is shaping future-ready learners. Join us in our commitment to developing innovative, globally-minded leaders in Changhua City.